How all of the KayOss Started!

The design process started in Florence, Italy.  However, the KayOss started way before…  I was an environmental engineer, and wasn’t feeling fully engaged in life, passion was not stirring in my heart, I didn’t feel like I was contributing in a positive way to this world with my work.  I always wanted my own creative product/company one day, but had no idea what that would be….so I decided to take a step into the unknown and create a name for my future company.  I wanted it to be a word that was familiar to everyone, and also meant something positive and insightful.  In engineering, we learned there is always a great order being created within chaos.  That fascinated me, so I took the word and made it into a girl so everyone could relate to her, little did I know that it would teach me so much along the way and still is to this day.

Now, what is the product going to be?  I knew I wanted to follow my heart so I searched for what inspired me.  I remember being excited to go to art openings when I lived in Atlanta.  So I started taking every art class there was…jewelry making, painting, glass blowing, sculpting, photography, ceramics, drawing…and I was terrible!  Then one day I went to Italy to take Fashion Design.  The very first day I felt like I was struck with lighting, I just knew, I am a fashion designer, people can wear my art!  

I had no idea how I was going to make the career change, I did know this is what I was meant to do, so I came back to Saint Louis after one month of studying in Florence and learned how to sew.  Then created with some great friends, the PRONTO Fashion Show.  It was the the best night of my life! (so far)  So exciting, then my first Fashion Week, first Boutique (Vie), and then started to really grow my business through trunk shows, which allowed me to let go of the corporate engineering world for good, ahhhhh, freedom!

It’s been an amazing journey, I love the creative process of designing with beautiful fabrics.  From bright eye-catching colors, to fun movement, to the fabulous fit and feel, designed to bring out a woman’s inner Goddess.  I am able to source amazing fabrics from around the world through my contacts developed in NY and LA.  My goal is to be as sustainable as possible with natural fibers that breathe on the body.  I also love to collaborate with other artists and would like to incorporate their designs into my fabrics.

Every garment is sewn by local seamstress in their homes.  They love to sew and there is no stress involved, just love and good energy!  The designs have so much great intention from fabric selection, to design, pattern making and grading, to fitting my wonderful clients.  It is a company of bliss and a very low carbon foot print!  

Everything can be made to fit, or purchased off the rack when it fits perfect.  I feel very blessed to have found one of my gifts, and so grateful for all of those who have allowed me to share it with them.  Stay tuned, KayOss is always evolving into a greater order as everything in life!  xoxo  Amy Lynn Johnson